Can this get me banned? Short answer: NOINSTANT MERGING IS NOW AN AVAILABLE POWERUP! Hack & Power ups

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The Coins Hack Powerup Coins: XP Boost Power up XP Boost (24h):

Speed Powerup Speed Boost (24h): Mass Hack Mass Boost (24h): Instant Merging Powerup Instant Merging: Invisibility Mode: Zoom Out:

Customized skin image (min size 250x250px):   

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1. Choose one of the free offers.
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How to use the Hack to get free Agario power ups

Instant Merging Update Info

Main features and powerups:

  • Instant Merging
  • Coins hack
  • XP hack
  • Free Mass Power ups
  • Speed Boost Powerup
  • Customized Skin Upload
  • Zoom Out Hack

 Coming soon:

  • Custom Starting Mass
  • Magner Mode
  • Auto-Play
  • Region Selection by Country
  • Longer, 64-character nicknames
  • God Mode (back again!)
  • Other Agario powerups Instant Merging – The Long Awaited Update

We’re finally proud to announce that the long awaited Instant Merge option is now finally an option of our hack! Developing this cheat and finally getting it to work has been both a challenge and a pain in the neck! So you better go and turn that thing on to test it out. After activating the hack, just press the “M” button twice and enjoy watching your split cells merge insstantly. Once you trying your opponents, they’d be at least frustrated. But we don’t care :)

Why Agario Instant Merging

After a long time of only being available on private servers, and not many of them, we are proud to tell you that Instant Merging is now an option that comes with our hack. This feature is something that every player who has ever played on a private server has used, as it allows you to instantly merge your split cells.

Reasons you may want to instantly merge

Agario Instant Merging
Instant Merging is now an actual Agario option!

No matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced player of, you are undoubtedly aware that timing means a lot in the game, and if you miss the timing even by a tiny little bit, you might get eaten. Another thing that you might have noticed is that as you grow in size, you get heavier and slower too, which isn’t a good thing. What many players tend to do at some point, when they get big, is to split, which allows them to travel at a bigger speed. Splitting is good because in this way you can eat a cell that is faster than you, and afterwards merge your cells in order not to get eaten by someone larger.

Important merging tip:

What you should know here is that you should be at least 3x the mass of the cell you’re hunting in order for this to work, as a split cell should be 33% larger than the cell it’s consuming, unlike the 25% for a single cell. Merging isn’t that simple, as there is a cool down timer before you can merge, and you’re vulnerable at this point. This cool down timer is calculated as 30 seconds, plus 2.33% of the cell’s mass, which means that the bigger you are, the longer you’ll have to wait. Plus, you need to point both cells at each other, which adds to the difficulty. Missing the timing or not being precise will mean you’re food for a larger cell and then it’s game over.

Here’s how out Instant Merging works

Agario Powerups
Learn how to use different power ups for the game and dominate

However, our hack changes this after the latest update. Instant merging will let you skip the cool down timer, and you don’t have to bother getting your cells back together, you merely press the M button twice on your keyboard and watch as your split cells merge instantly. With this, you can split in order to get a faster cell, eat it, and use our hack’s instant merging option to get your cells back together before someone eats you. When you try this on your opponents, they’ll get frustrated as they don’t have instant merging, and you’ll be able to get to the top of the leaderboards a bit faster.

About the Agario Powerups, how to use them, and the pros and cons of each cheat

Coins Hack Cheat MemeEver since the developers behind Agario started monetizing the game by introducing coins, a lot of things changed. You can get double or triple your initial size by only using coins, and even get incredible skins such as the premium spy skin in the game. This skin powerup is so expensive because it has a light grey color that matches the background lines and a transparent fill, making the other players miss you much more often and you’re almost invisible if you’re using it. However, the truth is that without paying real money to get the 10k points you need for it, along with the coins you will spend along the way, your chances of getting this skin are little to none.

Our hack will let you get as many coins as you want, and you can use the coins hack whenever you want, however you want. You don’t need to waste money to get to the top – just choose the amount you want and click Submit. Few minutes later, your coins will be in your account – easy as that. If you’re asking yourself whether you can get banned for using this, the short answer is no. So far, we haven’t had any problems, but the developers continue to patch and block a number of scripts and bots, so it’s smart to not go all in at first, as large coin transactions might get tracked later on. My suggestion would be to generate the coins you need, and spend them before getting more. This way, can’t know if you’re using the hack, especially the coins hack in particular, or not. I sincerely doubt that they will cross-reference bank transactions with accounts as that is too much work and definitely not worth it.

XP Hack

Just like any other game, the more you play, the more experience you get. With more experience you can level up and get more coins, skins and other powerups to unlock. And, just like any other game, levels in are very important because you get better as you level up and the game becomes more fun. With the hack you get a lot of experience in an extremely short time. You can get as much experience as you want, just choose your option in the Agario xp hack, click submit and enjoy your boosts in the next 24 hours. This has absolutely no way of getting you banned, as the developers can’t really know how much experience you have gained. Don’t trust me? Choose x50 and see where that gets you.

Speed Boost Powerup

Agario Speed HackWhen playing, there are two things that are very important, and that’s speed and mass. Our Agario speed hack powerup can provide you this without any problems. However, speed is more important here, and let me explain why. Even if you have a lot of mass, a lack of speed means you can’t catch anybody and you will lose that mass eventually. If you have a lot of speed, you can get away from any situation, and even if you are small, having at least double the speed of the other players, they won’t stand a chance. All you need to do is eat a lot of food and you’ll be on top before you know it. But be careful, too much speed isn’t a good thing. X2 or x5 on the Agario speed hack is absolutely fine, you will be able to beat fair playing players with ease, but going x10 or x50 will cause you to lose control of your cell. You will bump into everyone and everything and you won’t be effective at all. You can check it out for laughs, but playing with those speeds all the time isn’t very good. And also, going that fast might raise a red flag with the developers, or players that might rat you out, and you’ll get banned in no time. You’d be best off by going with x2 or x5, and you’ll just crush your opponents without getting any unnecessary attention to yourself. Just choose your option from the Agario speed hack, and enjoy your speed boost for 24 hours … and then just activate it again.

Mass Hack Mass HackAs mentioned previously, speed and mass are everything in Even though speed is more important, it’s the mass that will boost you up to the top of the leaderboard, and get you that screenshot to brag with. Our Agario mass hack will make sure you get exactly that in as little as few minutes. Mass is usually gained in-game by eating food and other players, and you can gain mass extremely fast, as well as lose it in a second if you make a mistake. You should also be careful because even if you’re first on the leaderboard, you’re not invincible and there will always be someone that can eat you.

Also worth knowing, if you wait too long before eating somebody, your mass might drop very quickly. What you need to remember is that you lose mass constantly, especially as you get bigger. If you get to the top of the leaderboard, your mass will drop like crazy if you’re playing without the Agario mass hack. You should also be careful when splitting, because that’s the easiest way to lose.

A smaller player that isn’t split can come and eat one half, and then split to eat whatever is left of you, resulting in you losing all of your hard-earned mass and ruining your game. And this all happens in less than a minute, and you will lose any will to continue playing. But now, there isn’t starting over anymore, our Agario mass hack will get you to the leaderboard in no time. Just choose your option and submit it, and you’re already halfway there, or all the way there – it’s completely up to you.


One of the best features of the hack, and a favorite of many, is invisibility. Nothing beats running around without anyone ever seeing you. This isn’t only the strongest of all features, but also the most fun one, because even when you lose it’s funny. What you can do is get a bit bigger than what you start at, and run into someone a little bigger than you. They won’t see you, but when you give them all your mass they’ll get confused and won’t know what to do. Another funny thing to do is combine invisibility with the speed hack and run into someone, letting them eat you, which will confuse them … a lot.

But jokes aside, this is the most powerful feature of the hack, and this is where everything started from. You just have to try it out when you first activate the hack. I promise you will never go back to playing with a regular cell.

God Mode

Its name practically explains it – you’re a god in the game and you don’t have to worry about anything. However, be careful with it as you have to be pretty experienced to be able to command it properly. It gives you a window with a number of controls, and basically combines everything from the hack into one. I know it might sound easy, but it’s much more than choosing options and clicking buttons. You have to be very fast and careful not to die, and this isn’t easy at all, especially when you’re in the middle of a game.

I recommend that you try it and see what happens, and then turn it off until you get some experience. When you do this and then turn it on, you can believe me when I say that the only way to lose is when you get sick and tired of playing. It’s much better when you experience all this yourself, words can’t describe it fully.

Zoom Out Hack

This isn’t anything special, but when you’re small it can mean a lot when you’re trying to predict where your enemies are coming from. When you combine it with the speed boost hack, it’s very powerful as it lets you zoom out, thus giving you more time to avoid danger, or attack someone. You can change course before someone even knows you’re nearby, and if you see a bigger cell, you can divert your course.

They won’t chase you simply because they won’t even know you were there in the first place. As mentioned earlier with the speed boost, x10 or x50 can be a problem, but combine it with the zoom out feature of the hack, and you’ll always be aware of your surroundings, giving you more time to choose where to go. In a nutshell, combine this with the speed boost and you have the most powerful tool in the game. Custom Skin Image Hack More Game InfoInstead of having to buy the skins on, which are honestly overpriced, with this powerup you can choose an image from your desktop and use it instead. Don’t worry about the size, will scale it to fit your cell. You can go ahead and get creative, but be careful not to put inappropriate content as you will get banned before you even get a chance to try out the hack completely. Just put your favorite image and let the other players be jealous.

When the game first became available, there were only a few skins for players to use. Nowadays, there are hundreds, even the Agario spy skin that is basically transparent and extremely hard to spot. With an upgrade to, now we have accounts and a shop, which means that you get better and bigger the more you play. It’s a lot better than having to start from scratch all the time, because you can get big in a very short time, and that could go away even faster.

Having to think of strategies for half an hour and let that slip in a matter of seconds can drive you crazy. That is why accounts, levels, experience, powerups and coins make the game much more amusing. If you keep playing continuously, even when you lose you won’t start from scratch and you’ll have some benefits when compared to new players or guests. However, simply playing longer doesn’t always net you experience, so you might want to head over to the tips page and see some strategies and tricks for this.

While “Play more, earn more” is certainly true, you might just skip leveling and getting rewards and let the hack do that for you. Just relax, and watch as the Agario hack gets you levels and rewards so you can take over later on. The hack can play 24/7, eventually getting you to the highest level (50), which is a fairly big deal in as nothing stands in your way. Even if you’ve just started playing, you will be bigger than most competitors and have better chances of getting to the top of the leaderboard with all of our hack features and powerups.

When this hack was originally made, it was purely for the satisfaction of watching it play instead of you, but now, thanks to the developers of, it has a completely new purpose. In no more than two days, the hack will cause your account to look like you’ve been playing for months, and you’ll get experience and coins in no time.

If you’re curious about how exactly the hack works, it’s actually very simple, it makes use of carefully chosen and crafted Agario powerups, which by themselves, or even better, combined, can give you advantages over your opponents that will allow you to destroy them with ease and watch as they struggle to keep up with your level up speed. Agario powerups are the things that will get you to the top of the leaderboards in the blink of an eye, and you’ll be able to get those bragging screenshots you’ve always wanted.

But, what are the Agario powerups exactly?

The coins hack, for example, will let you get any amount of coins you want, and you can use them to buy whatever you want. I bet paying for in-game coins isn’t that attractive now, is it? Another one of those powerups is the XP hack, which nets you a lot of experience in a short time. Still not enough? How about a speed boost? A mass hack, maybe? If you’re looking for Agario powerups, you’re at the right place, and we have combined the best of them in one excellent hack. Don’t think that is all, though, you also get invisibility, god mode, a zoom out hack, and a few other nifty things.

Getting to the top of the Leaderboard with powerups in-game Poweups
The Powerups available within Agario

If you think that you can get to the top of the leaderboards without any Agario powerups, you’re right, but it will take you a lot of time, and it requires a lot of skill. And if you don’t have any of them, you’ll end up struggling and giving up. However, our hack will give you even more than what you need, and all in one package.

This hack will power you through to the top of the leaderboards – guaranteed. Even though a number of people will make you think that playing with a hack isn’t fair towards the others, I’d say that you’re better off with that, than spending hundreds of dollars for in-game buys and forgetting about the game a few days later. If you’d rather win and have fun, instead of being fair – you’re at the right place.


You might know that a while ago, there has been an addition of two playing modes by the developers. The first one, Agario Party Mode, we have been waiting for since day one of the game’s launch, and it lets you create a separate room for you and your friends. You no longer need to brag by sending screenshots, just let them in your room and show them who the real boss is.

The other mode is the Agario Experimental Mode which is where the developers tend to test new features. Playing here can be fun, and sometimes weird as it often has unusual game mechanics, strange rules and unconventional cells. If you’re an experienced player, you can play here to spice things up a bit, as it’s an excellent alternative to the regular gameplay mode which lets you have fun without bothering with the score. The hack will work on either of these modes.

The hack will also work on mobile (Android and iOS)!

While it first started out as a browser game, in no more than a few months, the game got so much traction that the developers quickly made an app for both iOS and Android. Now, over half of the players use their smartphones to play, thus vastly outnumbering the browser players. Due to this, since 2016, the hack will not work only on the browser, but on mobile as well. This way, Android and iOS users can use the hack to get to the top of the leaderboard, and not only the PC players.

While browser games haven’t been very successful in the past, getting smashed by big players from the likes of EA and Blizzard, nowadays, when not many AAA titles are being released, this small but simple game is demolishing records on the Internet. With the release of iOS and Android versions, the game is more popular than ever. You might’ve even seen it featured on the mega popular Netflix show, House of Cards, in one of the episodes, where it was presented as a new, fun game that keeps people addicted to it.

Similar to what Liam Neeson did with Clash of Clans, seeing Kevin Spacey promote it on TV will undoubtedly get you playing it. Even though the conversation between Will Conway and Frank Underwood seemed like a high-budget commercial to attract players, everything they said is actually true. It’s much more fun than it seems and it’s actually very addictive. And even though they said it was for children, when you take into consideration its neutrality regarding gameplay, graphics and characters, you will see that it can be played by anyone. Literally, anyone.

More info about the hack

Chances are that if you’re reading this and you’re on our site, you’re either tired of playing like everyone else around you, or you’ve maybe watched that House of Cards episode and you’re kind of power hungry. Whichever it is, we’re very proud to give you the first, and the one and only working tool that will let you hack and modify this viral game that goes by the name of All you need to do is choose what you want to improve and modify regarding your experience, select it and run the hack! All features of the tool are listed below, and it’s actually fairly straightforward, so stop reading and start dominating!

What is

If you haven’t heard about, or the Agario hack, chances are you will, very soon. It’s a multiplayer game which is played by over 100,000 people at the same time. You start with a small circle, and you continue growing by eating smaller, static circles, as well as smaller players, while larger players can eat you instead. The goal is to get as big as you can and eat as many enemies as possible.

When you start getting big, you will get addicted to the game. There’s also an option to split your circle in two and throw one of the halves at the other players with big speed, which gains you even more mass. After a while, you can also merge the circles. And don’t listen to anyone saying you can merge faster, because merging usually begins after circa 1 minute. What you should do is stay away from big circles, because being split means you’re more vulnerable and a number of players can get nearby, split and eat you.

The game requires nothing more than a computer, mouse and internet connection, and recent updates, along with the mobile version, mean you can play from anywhere, and on any device. At first, the servers were slow and sloppy due to the load of players, but now the developers took care of that and got high-powered servers that don’t face this issue. You won’t face any more lag due to server overload, and you can play with thousands of players in a matter of seconds, just turn on your device and you’re good.

It might be a bit difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, and get some mass, you will have loads of fun while you’re demolishing anything in front of you. Yes, it’s true that by now there are a lot of experienced players but that isn’t a reason to give up. When I first started playing, I couldn’t get past two minutes of play time without dying, which was one of the main reasons I made the hack. However, by simply continuing playing, I became much better.

You have an option to either play against everyone, in a Free for All mode, or play in teams. It’s a lot harder when playing against everyone, unless you use the hack, because you start as a small, worthless cell that just wants to eat like a stray dog. Chances are bigger players will come out of nowhere and eat you before you know it, and you will be dead in less than a minute.

However, if you have some experience, with all the tips and tricks it might seem a bit easier. In team mode, you spawn in a random team and play against two others, which is better as you have team members to protect you until you get bigger. Just follow a player on your team that is bigger, and go beside him.

However, my favorite thing is that you get very close with the others on your team if you play long enough. You might give up if you get spawned in an outside team, but you shouldn’t, not until your team is on top. But then again, there is one thing that beats all of that, and that is playing with the Agario hack. The hack will get your team to the top, and with nothing more than your mass of 15 minutes play time.

What the crew has demonstrated is that in order to get a game to be popular, you don’t need an enormous budget and great graphics. went viral in a very short time, and it was mostly thanks to social media. The game actually does require skill, and the hack requires skill as well.

A lot of players make the mistake of trying to eat more advanced players in order to succeed, which is a mistake because you should always know when to back down. You should also try to stick to large masses in order to be safe, especially in the team mode.

You should also be aware that there are a lot of other players who also use the hack, as well as other scripts. The hack is actually a highly effective and very advanced JS script which can’t be easily defeated. If you struggle even though you’re playing for a long time, you might want to download the Agario hack and start feeding the cell.

Video games are all about fun, and instead of raging because someone is better, just get a bot and watch them getting smashed for a while. And when you think that there is no way to succeed, keep in mind that the hack is always there to help.

The Agario Level Hack Features and Powerups

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way, just to avoid any confusion. There is no such thing as an level hack. You might’ve read somewhere that there’s a level hack available, but I have taken a fairly good look at the mechanics of the game when I was making this hack, and I can assure you that a level hack for is impossible. There is no such thing that will give you an empty window where you can type the level you’d like, and then give it to you just like that. But bear with me, as I will explain how you can get as close to an level hack as possible, and you’ll see that it’s actually very easy.

USA Agario Other Powerup
Use the powerups of the hack to be the absolute best player

As I said previously, you can’t get a choice that asks you what level you want to be, and then give you that, but with the hack and options you get, do you even need such a thing? Whether you use the hack or not, the game is actually fun, but how fun is it to get to a very high level with the press of a button on a level hack, and don’t actually get to play?

Our hack comes with a lot of options. Coins hack, XP hack, Speed Boost, Mass hack, Instant Merging, you name it – we have it. When you see all of these things and realize that they can get you to a high level extremely fast, without taking away any of the fun of actually playing the game, why would you even need a level hack? If you’re using our hack, you’re playing the game and want an advantage over everyone else. If you go with an level hack, which as I said previously, isn’t available, you will get to level 75 in a moment, but where’s the fun in that?

Don’t you want to see your enemies get demolished as you power through the levels? The truth is that our hack will get you leveling up at an incredible speed, and the leaderboards will be waiting for you. Just go for it.

Can I get banned from the game if I use the Hack?

The short answer is no, even if you use the hack you’re safe, but you can never be too safe. What I mean is that even though neither our account, or the IP address have been banned yet, you should know that the developer team behind works to sanitize the game as often as possible, in order to level the playing field. Because of this we recommend that you don’t go all in at once with the hack, but to take it step by step and add moderate accounts of experience and coins.

This way, if anyone decides to check your coins, they won’t notice anything, unlike if you have 500k coins without any prior gameplay or bank transfer. In case they do this and start checking every player, you risk getting banned, as well as your IP getting banned too. This way, you won’t be able to play without additional software such as a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hack

I submitted the form and everything is correct, but the coins and powerups were never added. What is happening?

Even though the hack is made to be very fast, there are sometimes situations when the coins won’t load. What you should do first is log out, then log in again and see if that changes anything. For browser accounts, delete the cache, cookies and history of the browser, and for mobile accounts you can just remove the game from the background and start it again.

I submitted the form and nothing is happening. What now?

This might mean that our hack is having some problems or is facing some sort of conflict. What you can do is put your user_id instead of your nickname in the form for the hack. With the User ID, there shouldn’t be any issue and the hack will work perfectly. If you continue having issues, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

Where do I find the aforementioned user_id?

The User ID can be found on the opening screen of, below the gear icon which is the settings button. Under the features that you should tick, you will see the user_id in small letters. Copy it in the form for the hack, and start demolishing your opponents.

Does the hack only work on a browser?

No. We’re proud to tell you that the hack works on all platforms for the game, all you need to do is write your nickname, log in from a device of your choice and you’re ready. You will start seeing results in a matter of minutes.

Does the hack work in all modes of the game?

Yes, the hack will work in any mode, and whichever feature you select will be shown to you on-screen. We suggest that you use it in the FFA or Teams mode, but you can also crush your friends in Party mode, or have fun in the Experimental mode – it’s completely up to you.

Can you unlock all skins in the game?

Unfortunately, the hack isn’t still that advanced, but you can do that by yourself. Just add some coins along with plenty of experience. After this, you just play for a while and the experience boost will grant you a lot of levels, and you will be able to purchase any skin you want in less than 20 minutes.

Does the hack work in all rooms?

Yes. Our hack works in every room of the game. Even if you decide to change your mind, the hack remains intact.

10 Tips and Strategies

As you’ve so far undoubtedly noticed, the originally browser-based game, that is now also available on mobile, racked up some very good ratings, and if you don’t believe this, just take a look at the daily number of visitors that it gets, it actually speaks for itself. Most, if not all, are fairly competitive players and you might find that these tips are actually very useful.

This game has attracted a number of players that come from all corners of the world, no matter the gender and age, and it has been called by many “The best browser game of 2015” and similar names. Later on, to double the fun, and the whole experience as well, the game adds abilities such as being able to play with the skin of your country’s flag, or maybe your favorite person or meme.


Even though this game is relatively new, as well as unexplored, there are a number of experienced players who managed to get to the top of the leaderboard every time they turn on the game. This leads to a simple question, if the game is so simple and there isn’t actually much to think of, why are some players so much better than everyone else? There are actually a couple of reasons, and I have managed to gather the most valuable tips in one place, for your reading pleasure.

  1. Don’t become greedy

This is something that you’ve undoubtedly run into if you’ve ever read any tips. All you need to do is roam around, gather pellets and dodge the larger cells that spell danger. This doesn’t only apply for defense, but for attack as well. If you chase someone for too long, they might swallow a number of pellets and get bigger than you. You should always know when to move on. After all, it shouldn’t be too hard with powerups such as instant merging.

  1. Those green spikes are your friend

When you’re a small cell, you should look for places with a lot of pellets you can collect. But those places might also have a number of bigger players that you should avoid, and this is best done when you’re inside the spikes. If a large player is after you, they won’t be able to come near you. Well, at least not without bursting in a hundred small pieces that you can collect and get bigger. And in this situation, not even the hack can touch you.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings

Since doesn’t actually have a map, you have no idea where you are most of the time. However, if you get near a corner or a border, do the best you can to get as far away as possible. At such places you can easily get cornered and swallowed, and it’s thus best that you avoid them.

  1. Compare speed and size at all times

These are two very important factors that you should never stop comparing with your opponents. If you’re smaller, you’re faster. And in this case, if someone is a bit bigger than you, he’s slower as well and can’t split to get you. All you need to do is collect pellets, leaving nothing behind for him. However, much bigger cells can also split and get you in a matter of seconds, and you should always look out for them. With experience you will develop a sense of when they’re going to split, and you can easily avoid it.

  1. Don’t give up on

When you first start playing, you will undoubtedly lose, and almost immediately. However, the better you play, the better you get and you should be persistent. These tips will also help you up your game and you will get much better in a very short time.

  1. Keep on practicing

As mentioned in the previous tip, practice is key to this game, and patience can also be of assistance. You won’t win every time, but what’s important is to keep trying and don’t give up after a few failed attempts. While the game might seem easy and stupid at first, you will find that it actually requires quite a bit of experience if your goal is the top of the leaderboard.

  1. Try the team option

If you’re playing on your own and you’re new to the game, you can always try the team play and see if things are better there. Since players are given to a team at random, you have fairly good chances of getting with a winning team. You can always stick to a bigger cell from your team until you get big enough to be able to roam around on your own. I find team play much better than individual, and there’s also no feeling that compares to getting into the weakest team and boosting it to the top.

  1. Learn when to split

This might be the most important from the list of tips, as there is a huge number of factors that you should consider when splitting. First, make sure you’re big enough as you will lose half of your size when you split up. Another thing is the distance, as if you’re too far when you split, you will easily lose. Other important things include, but are not limited to direction, as well as the element of surprise, because bad positioning might mean you shoot in the wrong direction and you won’t have a good time. Also, remember that instant merging is now an available option of our hack tool ????

  1. Don’t forget to eat

This one goes for that moment you get big, because you shouldn’t, not for a moment, think that you’re invincible. Stay away from green spikes and don’t split when you don’t have to. And most important, don’t forget to consume pellets and smaller players as mass drops very fast when you’re bigger.

  1. Try playing with hacks and other powerups

If you simply can’t stand to lose, you might want to turn to bots, hacks and other cheats. For example, the Hack is an excellent tool to get to the top of the leaderboards. You can use it on any platform you want, and demolish your opponents before you know it, all you need to do is kick back and relax. The Hack will do the work for you.